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Ann Taylor and Glamour Present a “Conversation for a Cure”

By BCRF | October 16, 2014

A panel discussion in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Last week, BCRF partner Ann Taylor and Glamour celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a "Conversation for a Cure." Taking place at Ann Taylor’s Rockefeller Center boutique and hosted by Glamour’s Genevieve Roth, the discussion on breast health featured a panel including BCRF President Myra Biblowit, BCRF grantee Dr. Nancy Lin and Emmy-nominated TV host Samantha Harris.

Harris, who was diagnosed earlier this year at age 40, kicked off the session sharing her turbulent journey from treatment to survivorship. After a clear mammogram, she found a lump in the shower during a self-exam just weeks later. Harris became vehement about sourcing a proper diagnosis. After seeking guidance from multiple specialists, her biggest fear was eventually confirmed by a needle biopsy: she had breast cancer. Samantha underwent a double mastectomy and stands today cancer-free, thanks to her diligence.

“You have to trust your gut, and be aware of your body,” Harris said. “You know your body better than any doctor.” She credits her unwavering quest for answers and modern medicine to her survival.

The modern miracles Samantha described are direct results of critical research and proper funding. As BCRF president, Myra Biblowit spoke about the importance of funding research to continue making the advances needed to help women today as well as tomorrow. While announcing that BCRF will award $47 million this year to support 225 researchers, she also stressed for more companies to follow ANN INC.’s example.  

“When I talk to companies that want to give more and they ask for examples, I say ‘Ann Taylor,’” Biblowit said. She praised ANN INC., one of BCRF’s largest and longstanding corporate partners, and their contribution of more than $18 million to date. 

Dr. Nancy Lin, a BCRF grantee fully funded by ANN INC.’s generous donations, addressed the crowd to touch upon her research. Currently a medical oncologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Lin is mainly focused on targeted therapies. Her research looks at how the personalization of treatment will affect advanced breast cancer, warranting less unwanted side effects and increased treatment efficiency overall.  With the continuation of this research, and that of her fellow BCRF grantees, her outlook was promising for those affected by the disease.

“When you think about breast cancer, the good news is that, in the U.S. nowadays, most women diagnosed with breast cancer will be cured of the disease,” Dr. Lin said. “That’s not something we could say before.”

As the panel wrapped up, the support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month continued as guests hit the racks to shop. Ten percent of the night’s sales went directly to BCRF, and Glamour fashion experts were on hand to help style the latest Ann Taylor looks.

To get an inside look at the “Conversation for a Cure” or learn more about ANN INC.’s ongoing efforts to support BCRF, check out #AnnCares on Twitter and Instagram or go to