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BCRF Partners Mark Milestones

By BCRF | October 28, 2022

The Foundation thanks these partners for their long-standing commitment to research

In October and all year long, BCRF celebrates our partners’ shared dedication to funding breast cancer research that improves outcomes and saves lives. BCRF’s corporate partners—more than 130 in total—play a critical role in our mission and investment in lifesaving research.

This year, BCRF is excited to honor our partners who have generously funded breast cancer research for five, 10, 15, and 20 years. Their continued partnership has helped BCRF sustain the brightest minds in science and has advanced numerous breast cancer breakthroughs.

20 years

K2 Sports
For two decades, K2 Sports has developed BCRF-supporting products in their women’s ski, snowboard, and skating lines to raise more than $1.2 million to fund more than 24,000 hours of research. This year, the brand has committed $10,000 regardless of sales. Learn more

15 years

For 15 years, Teleflora has harnessed the power of its brand and local florist partners to fund breast cancer research. All year long, Teleflora donates 15 percent of the purchase price of every beautiful Pink Power bouquet and Pink Grace bouquet sold—to raise nearly $900,000 to date. Learn more

Beloved kitchen appliance and cooking company Cuisinart has donated nearly $450,000 to BCRF since becoming a partner. To celebrate its Cuisinart Pink Product Collection, featuring an ice cream maker and mini food processor, the brand is committing $32,500 regardless of sales this year. Learn more

BCRF has proudly partnered with premium greeting card company Papyrus since 2007. For every limited-edition BCRF card or stationery set sold, Papyrus donates 25 to 50 cents to fund lifesaving research and has raised more than $330,000 total. Learn more

10 years

WCN Group
In addition to being one of the largest suppliers of licensed sports merchandise in the U.S., WCN Group is a major booster of BCRF’s research. Since 2012, WCN Group has donated more than $770,000 to BCRF and is committing $35,000 this year regardless of sales. Learn more

5 years

Global life sciences leader Cytiva has not only been a committed BCRF partner since 2017, but it has deepened its support each year. During October, Cytiva donates $1 for every pack of Cytiva lab consumables products purchased in the U.S., Canada, Europe, China, Australia, and New Zealand to the Evelyn H. Lauder Founder’s Fund for Metastatic Breast Cancer Research. Cytiva’s employees and sister brands across their parent company, Danaher, also advance BCRF research through fundraising and engagement programs. To date, Cytiva has donated more than $1 million to BCRF. Learn more

The luxurious cashmere brand supports BCRF all year round through sales from its LOVE collection by donating between $20 and 50 from each item sold. Since becoming a partner five years ago with a 100 percent cashmere scarf, the brand has expanded the LOVE line to multiple items including a pajama set, beanie, hot water bottle, and socks in multiple colors, and it has raised awareness of BCRF through meaningful collaborations with influencers and celebrities. The brand has raised nearly $300,000 for research. Learn more

Through the brand’s #projectzero, Mizuno aims to lower breast cancer incidence from one in eight women diagnosed to zero in eight. Mizuno releases running shoes to spread BCRF’s mission and support research. This year, Mizuno is donating $25,000 to BCRF regardless of sales and has contributed more than $200,000 since becoming a partner in 2017. Learn more

Imagine Dance Challenge

Throughout the year, Imagine Dance Challenges backs BCRF by donating $5 for every first-place winner and $2 for every BCRF t-shirt sold at its unique dance competitions. Imagine also movingly honors breast cancer thrivers and people undergoing treatment on stage. Since becoming a partner, Imagine Dance Challenge has raised more than $100,000 for BCRF research. Learn more

SmartStop Self Storage
Each October, SmartStop Self Storage donates $5 for every unit rented to research—and engages its employees and locations to support BCRF and the breast cancer community. Over our five-year partnership, SmartStop has donated nearly $100,000 to BCRF. Learn more