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BCRF Honors Dr. Eric Winer with The Jill Rose Award

By BCRF | October 14, 2019

A BCRF researcher since 2003, Dr. Winer will be recognized for his pioneering achievements made in breast cancer research.

Every year, one BCRF researcher is honored for their pioneering work in their respected field with The Jill Rose Award at our upcoming Symposium and Awards Luncheon on October 17. This year, Dr. Eric Winer, a BCRF researcher since 2003, will be recognized with this esteemed honor.

“BCRF has had a profound impact on my research,” said Dr. Winer. “The Foundation has provided funding that helped me lead clinical and translational projects that would otherwise not have been done.”

Dr. Winer has devoted his professional career to the treatment of individuals with breast cancer and breast cancer research. The Jill Rose Award recognizes his excellence and leadership in clinical research, his outstanding contributions in education and mentorship of young physicians, and his devotion to applying advances from clinical trials into daily practice to improve patient care and quality of life.

“Eric Winer is one of the most influential leaders in breast cancer internationally,” said Dr. Judy Garber, BCRF Co-Scientific Director. “We at BCRF are honored to have his wisdom on our Scientific Advisory Board, and particularly honored to add him to the impressive group of Jill Rose Award winners.”

Most recently, Dr. Winer’s clinical research has focused on reducing over-diagnosis and the side effects of cancer therapy by reducing patient exposures to therapies from which they are not likely to benefit. Known as ‘treatment de-escalation,’ the concept emphasizes understanding the risk versus benefit of a drug so patients who are less likely to benefit can be spared additional therapies that come with both physical and financial toxicities.

“Dr. Winer has helped set the research agenda by identifying the most essential questions to be addressed in clinical trials and established a standard for collaborations that have accelerated progress and changed the standards of breast cancer care,” said Dr. Garber.  

Dr. Winer’s current BCRF research is testing the potential of pre-surgical (neoadjuvant) therapy in identifying patients who will benefit from less–rather than more– therapy. The goal is to identify patients who can achieve excellent long-term outcomes with less toxic treatments, changing the standard of care for a carefully selected group of women with stage II and III HER2-positive breast cancer.

Dr. Winer is a member of the BCRF Scientific Advisory Board. In November, he will be honored with the Westchester Women’s Award in Memory of Marla Mehlman. In addition, he has received numerous awards for his work including Gianni Bonadonna Breast Cancer Award (2017) and the William McGuire Memorial Lecture Award (2016). 

“Because of BCRF, there is a worldwide family of breast cancer researchers who come together and solve problems collaboratively. The creation of this network of researchers has changed the way we all think about the work that’s ahead of us,” Dr. Winer said.

“It’s hard to imagine the world of breast cancer without the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.”

Past Jill Rose award recipients include: 2018 Hedvig Hricak; 2017 Nancy Davidson; 2016 Charles Perou; 2015 Joan Brugge; 2014 Peter Greenwald; 2013 Titia de Lange; 2012 Gabriel Hortobagyi; 2011 Mina Bissell; 2010 Angela Brodie; 2009 Martine Piccart; 2009 Robert A. Weinberg; 2007 George Sledge; 2006 Larry Norton; 2005 Patricia Ganz; 2004 Michael Bishop and Harold Varmus; 2003 Bernard Fisher; 2002 Harold Freeman; 2001 Arnold Levine; 2000 Walter Willett; 1999 John Mendelsohn; 1998 Benita Katzenellenbogen; 1997 Judah Folkman and 1996 Mary Claire King and Joan Marks.