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BCRF Investigators Honored by the American Society for Clinical Oncology

By BCRF | June 6, 2016

Drs. Kent Osborne and William Kaelin Are Recognized for Their Contributions to Clinical Oncology at ASCO’s 2016 Annual Meeting

At the 52nd Annual American Society for Clinical Oncology Conference in Chicago (June 3-7, 2016), two longtime BCRF investigators were honored for their achievements in the field.

Dr. C. Kent Osborne of Baylor College of Medicine is the 2016 recipient of the Gianni Bonadonna Breast Cancer Award. This award recognizes an active clinical and/or translational researcher for their significant contributions to advancing the field of breast cancer and their mentorship of early career scientists in pursuits of a career in breast cancer research. Dr. Osborne’s award honored his 40-year research career dedicated to improving the lives of breast cancer patients through his groundbreaking work that led to advancing HER2-targeted therapies. In his award lecture, Dr. Osborne took a look back at his career from the early days of breast cancer research highlighting discoveries from his lab that would advance our understanding of the complicated interplay between hormones and growth factor pathways that led to drug resistance and tumor progression. Throughout his talk, he gave credit for the work to the many early career scientists and clinicians who he mentored throughout his career, many who have gone on to become leaders in the field themselves. Dr. Osborne joins a list of BCRF investigators who have been honored with the Gianni Bonadonna award in past years: Matthew Ellis (2015), BCRF Scientific Director, Larry Norton (2013), Nancy Davidson (2010), Carlos Arteaga (2009) and Daniel Hayes (recipient of the inaugural award in 2007). BCRF is proud to have supported the work and accomplishments of these distinguished scientists and congratulate Dr. Osborne on his 2016 award. 

Dr. William G. Kaelin, Jr. of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, BCRF investigator since 2006, is the 2016 recipient of the Science of Oncology Award and Lecture in recognition of his outstanding contributions in cancer research that have provided valuable insights into the biochemical functions of tumor suppressor proteins and their role in cancer development. Dr. Kaelin’s career has focused on understanding the role of mutations in this group of proteins on tumor formation and growth. His research in this area laid the groundwork for the development of novel anti-cancer therapies. One of his most notable accomplishments was the development of targeted therapy in kidney cancer by identifying a growth factor protein that was defective in the majority of these cancers. Dr. Kaelin’s BCRF research focuses on a novel target in breast cancer called EglN2 that regulates tumor cell growth, drug resistance and metastasis. BCRF congratulates Dr. Kaelin on this prestigious award and is proud to support is research in breast cancer.