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BCRF Partners with Nature to Advance Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

By BCRF | June 2, 2015

Our new open, online research forum will advance understanding of the disease.


Our open-access research journal in partnership with Nature, npj Breast Cancer, is here! Access the journal online:

Since BCRF’s founding, we have underscored the critical tenet of collaboration in research—across institutions and disciplines. The results are clear: we have been a part of every major breakthrough in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship since 1993.

The launch of npj Breast Cancer is a great step towards fostering and further expanding this model of knowledge sharing. 


Announcement originally published on December 14, 2014:

We’re very excited to announce our new partnership with Nature, the internationally renowned scientific journal, and the launch of npj Breast Cancer, an open-access research journal to deepen our understanding of how to prevent, treat and cure the world’s second most common cancer.

A free online forum, npj Breast Cancer will provide high-quality research to help clinicians, scientists and patients stay up-to-date on all areas of breast cancer, ranging from imaging and immunotherapy to metastasis and survivorship issues.

BCRF Scientific Director Dr. Larry Norton and Chairman of our Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Clifford Hudis will act as editors in chief, and many of our grantees sit on the editorial board, collectively representing many different fields of science and medicine.

“Our collaboration with the Nature Publishing Group will provide BCRF an exceptional opportunity to serve the scientific community and the general public in several ways,” said Dr. Norton, who is also Medical Director of the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. “With npj Breast Cancer, we plan not only to report important new findings in breast cancer research but also to capture the creativity, controversy, and deep thought intrinsic to the process.”

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