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BCRF Supports First UK Interdisciplinary Breast Cancer Symposium

By BCRF | February 8, 2018

Nearly 1,000 breast cancer research and treatment specialists convene in Manchester to discuss the latest scientific and clinical advances.

The First UK Interdisciplinary Breast Cancer Symposium supported in part by BCRF, was held January 15- 16 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Led by BCRF investigator Mitch Dowsett, the meeting welcomed 70 research faculty from Europe and the U.S., 830 delegates including patient advocates and roughly 400 clinicians across all fields including medical, surgical, radiation and psycho-oncology, pathology, epidemiology, prevention, pharmacology, nursing, and laboratory research in molecular biology and cancer genetics.

“We are very grateful for the support that BCRF provided to help us get this first meeting off the ground,” said Dr. Dowsett. “Based on attendance and feedback from both delegates and faculty, we feel it was a huge success and plan a second meeting for 2020.”

The meeting was significant both in its size and mission. It brought together seven major scientific and clinical organizations involved in breast cancer research and treatment in the U.K. and provided an update on the most recent data to support the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of breast cancer care.

The program involved six key-note plenary lectures including four from BCRF investigators, Drs. Laura Esserman, Marc Lippman, Jack Cuzick, and Charles Perou. Approximately 200 poster presentations were accompanied by 11 selected discussions. Abstracts are published in a supplement of the journal, Breast Cancer Research and Treatment.

Besides funding specific research projects, BCRF fosters collaboration by supporting scientific gatherings like these to bring BCRF-funded investigators and other experts in the field together.