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Bumble and Bumble Employee Pays It Forward To Honor Her Breast Cancer Survivor Mom

By BCRF | March 9, 2016

Treeva Royes shares why she believes in the power of research

The first time Treeva Royes’ mother was diagnosed with breast cancer she was in junior high. With very little knowledge about the disease, the news hit her hard. Three years after successfully completing treatment, her mom was diagnosed again. Today, she stands as a two-time breast cancer survivor.

“The only thought in my mind when I heard the word cancer was death. There was truly nothing else that I could think of,” Royes said recalling her mother’s initial diagnosis.

Now over a decade later, Royes’ inadvertently found a way to pay it forward after her family’s struggle with the disease. She works at Bumble and Bumble, an Estée Lauder Companies brand that has donated more than $46 million to BCRF with their Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

“It feels extremely empowering to be a part of this wonderful brand that recognizes the steady rise of cancer patients and how much work needs to be done to end it by finding a cure,” Royes said.

While Royes has volunteered for breast cancer events in the past, she remained reticent to share her personal connection to the cause. She was young during her mother’s diagnosis and treatment – and her mom was determined to keep her children’s lives as normal as possible.

“She didn't allow herself to act sick and always kept a brave face for us all,” Royes said remembering how her mother continued working fulltime despite her treatments and doctor’s visits.

“There was always a meal at home for dinner. It was as if nothing was wrong,” she said.

The same proved true when her mother’s cancer returned. Royes was encouraged to focus on school, while her mother underwent surgery. And after her mother successfully completed treatment, Royes says she has a new outlook on life.

“Cancer has taught me to be fearless,” she said. “If I've taken away one great lesson from my mother's experience, it is to never give up.”

While Royes’ experience is behind her, she decided to share her story with the hope that by supporting research more mothers will be saved from similar diagnoses.

“We will find a solution one day,” she said.