Clear Search and BCRF Team Up To Fund A Year’s Worth of Research Hours

By BCRF | May 20, 2015

Michele Boal, Co-founder of and the driving force behind this partnership, explains the importance of funding breast cancer research

BCRF is proud to announce we have teamed up with to fund a year’s worth of research hours. During the entire month of May, when you use an offer from, will donate 10 percent of the pre-tax transaction price to help fund breast cancer research – totaling up to $104,350! Each transaction this month helps to advance our mission and provide researchers with the crucial funding needed to bring about lifesaving progress and finding a cure., a leader in digital coupons, operates a promotional platform that connects great brands and retailers with consumers through web, mobile and social channels. With over 17 million unique visitors a month, has already engaged millions in the fight against breast cancer.             

We had a chance to speak with Michele Boal, and hear why partnering with BCRF has been so important to the company, their employees and consumers.


Could you describe for us your connection to breast cancer. Is there any person, moment or event in your life that was affected by the disease?

Breast cancer is a disease that knows no boundaries and comes with no warning.  I have seen it take the lives of women from a very early age beginning when I was in high school and saw my best friend’s mother lose her battle with cancer. Through the years I have sadly seen and learned about too many stories of moms, sisters, aunts and friends having to take on their personal fight with breast cancer. 

I have had my own medical scares (not with breast cancer) and as a mom of three kids there is nothing that can describe the feeling that hits you when you are faced with the possibility that you might not be around to journey with your kids through every amazing stage in life ahead. When you look at the alarming statistic of breast cancer in the U.S. affecting one in eight women, we must do our part to put an end to this disease and the pain it’s causing families around the world.

We understand you spent time with our founder, Evelyn Lauder. How did she inspire you to support breast cancer research?

Evelyn was not only a strong woman, fierce in her personal battle with cancer, but it’s how she chose to take action that inspires me the most.  When you look at how Evelyn raised breast cancer awareness and the strides that have been made in prevention and treatment because of her vision – it’s truly amazing. Not only did Evelyn create the iconic pink ribbon, but through her passion, she created much needed worldwide awareness about breast cancer through the “go pink” efforts during the month of October.

It is incredible how Evelyn’s vision which began with a conversation at a kitchen table with Dr. Larry Norton more than 23 years ago still continues strong as ever today—BCRF having raised more than half a billion dollars. She was very innovative in combining her many talents and hobbies to create other ways to fundraise for BCRF. I find myself pulling out her cookbook “In Good Taste” often to choose healthy and easy recipes for my family.  Evelyn was also a talented photographer who sold her photographs with all proceeds going back to BCRF.

Not only has Evelyn inspired me personally to support breast cancer research, but to continue to follow our vision at to use our technology and robust network to help change lives for the better through the non-profit world.

Why did choose to partner with BCRF versus other breast cancer organizations?

Research funding is the only obstacle in putting an end to breast cancer. Hitting at the core of any disease is how to make a real impact. BCRF already has the incredible minds of the best researchers working collaboratively together and the technology, they just need the funding to continue down this path.

Leadership of any organization is always something I look for when deciding to invest in or donate to a non-profit. Myra Biblowit, CEO and at the helm of BCRF today, not only leads with innovation as she drives the business, but she operates the organization with complete transparency giving us confidence that all donations are being used in the right way. She has led the rapid growth of a strong, efficient and highly regarded international breast cancer organization that is now the largest private funder of breast cancer research.   

What do you hope your audience will learn from your company’s partnership with BCRF? 

We hope that’s partnership with BCRF continues to create awareness about the great strides that have been made in cancer research and how it’s going to take each one of us doing our part to find a cure.

We are thrilled to be able to offer supporters of BCRF a way to take action and join in the fight just by shopping and saving. It doesn’t get much easier to give the gift that gives twice just by using the many offers from our designated BCRF save and give page.

What’s the most rewarding part of being in the BCRF family?

There is nothing more rewarding than working with smart, passionate and innovative leaders who are all racing towards the same finish line.