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Designer Michael Aram Supports BCRF with Two New Designs

By BCRF | February 12, 2015

The debut comes just in time for Valentine’s Day

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, designer Michael Aram has revealed his Limited Edition Pink Mother-of-Pearl and Diamond Heart Necklace and Heart Ring Catch in honor of BCRF. Aram is generously donating $100 from the purchase price of his necklace, and 10% of the purchase price of the ring catch to our mission.

New to the BCRF family, we were excited to learn more about Aram’s inspiration and his creative process as an artist. We had the opportunity ask a few questions about his new BCRF-supporting products and why this cause is so close to his heart.

You are a sculptor by trade; how does your background affect your creative process when designing jewelry? 

For me, jewelry is wearable art that is personal and meaningful for the woman who it is adorning. The pieces become part of her and ideally, become her signature pieces. Jewelry is so intimate as it is in contact with the body and is touched and caressed each day. Pieces are either purchased to signify a meaningful event in one’s life or as a gift from someone special, or as a special gift for oneself. As a designer who has dedicated my career to craft-based design in metal, jewelry is the ultimate expression of something that is so cherished and passed down through generations.

I see many elegant touches of nature in your designs. Where do you find most of your inspiration? 

It is true that nature is my biggest source of inspiration. I like to represent nature in all its forms and celebrate the perfectly imperfect. I also find inspiration in the spontaneity of the handmade process and like to celebrate the hand of the maker in all that I do.

What are your favorite materials to work with when creating a new piece? 

I start my process through drawing, and immediately move to clay or wax once I have a clearer idea of a direction for a piece. It is important for me to get a sense of the object in three dimension and to capture the personality of a piece through the sculpt. Metals for me are a magical material. It is as though a gestural expression gets frozen in time. Also, there is something so noble about metals that can last millennia. I suppose we can say that there is an immortal quality to the material.

The Limited Edition Pink Mother-of-Pearl and Diamond Heart Necklace and Heart Ring Catch both support BCRF’s mission. What inspired you to support our organization? 

I am a cancer survivor myself and have dear friends and family who have been affected by breast cancer. When a dear friend of mine had a breast removed, I gave her a necklace since I wanted to have her feel the warmth and love of the gift against her chest. I also wanted her to feel beautiful right near the spot that she was newly self-conscious about.

Lastly, I have to ask…what is the best Valentine’s Day gift you have ever received?

Just the other day, my 4-year-old daughter left a Happy Valentine’s Day song on my cell phone. It went something like this “I am going to give you a Valentine’s Cake…. don’t tell Santa!”


The Limited Edition Pink Mother-of-Pearl and Diamond Heart Necklace and Heart Ring Catch is available for purchase at Michael Aram 136 West 18th Street in New York City, in select stores, and on the Michael Aram websites: and