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Drug Research Collaborative Moves Forward to Increase Treatment Research Capacity

By BCRF | September 19, 2016

Proposals received, to be reviewed by scientific leadership team

Earlier this year, BCRF launched the Drug Research Collaborative –an unprecedented new funding model in the field of breast cancer research. The program serves as the bridge between academic investigators and new therapies in development.

Initially funded by a three-year, $15 million grant from Pfizer, researchers will also have unique access to 16 of the company’s broad portfolio of approved drugs and those still under development. This type of access to the pipeline of commercial drugs did not previously exist despite the urgent need for academic researchers to develop new therapies or combination of therapies . “It will encourage more creative, academic driven research and give more patients access to clinical trials,” said Dr. Larry Norton, BCRF Scientific Director.

“It is a fantastic mechanism and bridges a super important gap.” -BCRF Investigator and Drug Research Collaborative Applicant

With a request for proposals released in April 2016, BCRF received an incredible 48 proposals totaling over $51 million, 15 of which were clinical trials—the overwhelming response reflects the abundance of innovative and cutting edge ideas that are simply lacking access or funding. Many researchers reiterated the need for such a “groundbreaking” and “progressive” program. This program removes the hurdles that many researchers face in gaining access to promising new therapies.

The proposals BCRF received included projects ranging from basic science to clinical trials, early stage breast cancer to metastatic breast cancer, and biomarker evaluation to treatments. By utilizing the expertise of the Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium (TBCRC) in managing and running clinical trials, the Drug Research Collaborative can bring together and promote collaboration amongst various institutions and investigators.

Over the next few months, BCRF, the TBCRC, and an expert review panel will deliberate and select the best proposals to move forward. Currently, BCRF invests over $17 million dollars in research focused on treatments. With the launch of the new Drug Research Collaborative, BCRF will invest over $22 million dollars in treatment research this year alone.

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