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In the Game for Research: High School Baseball Coach Leads BCRF Fundraiser

By BCRF | July 2, 2015

Coach Jeff Murphy honors his late mother by inspiring community ball game

After losing his mother to breast cancer in 1988, when he was 12 years old, high school baseball coach Jeff Murphy decided to utilize his passion for baseball to raise funds and awareness in his own community. For the past six years, Jeff has gathered his Hilton High School varsity baseball team and neighboring Greece Arcadia High School’s team to play a game in the name of research. Since their kick-off game, the Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Baseball Game has raised more than $ 11,000 for BCRF.

“My mother inspired me to do this,” Jeff said describing the annual event in Hilton, New York. “Back then, they really didn’t have the technology that they do now for research. This didn’t help her fight at the time. Now, if I can help others that are affected by the disease and help raise money for the research, this may help them survive! I’m trying to pay it forward.”

Fans of all ages gather each year for the annual event. Admission tickets are sold for $2.00 each, a 50/50 raffle is presented during the game, donation bowls are passed around the grounds and concessions are served with all proceeds doing directly to BCRF.

One of the highlights of the fundraiser is seeing how dedicated the young players are to the cause year after year. The teams from both school districts show their unwavering support by donning pink gear including jerseys, socks and even shoelaces in honor of the cause. An unexpected benefit, Jeff states, is seeing all the men and women impacted by the disease that come out to support the annual game in honor of their own personal breast cancer journey.

“My goal is to continue to raise money every year and to help others that are affected by the disease,” Jeff said. “This is in honor of my mother because I miss her immensely every day. She was a great person and has helped me become the person I am today.”