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BCRF Supporter to Cycle 3,500 Miles for Research

By BCRF | March 24, 2023

For his sixth long-distance cycling fundraiser, Al Reszel aims to raise $20,000 for research in honor of his wife, Terry

Longtime fundraiser Al Reszel will once again trek across several states on a solo cycling trip to benefit BCRF. For their sixth ride, Al and his wife, Terry, will travel 3,500 miles from the Florida Keys to their home outside of Minneapolis—and aim to raise $20,000 for lifesaving research along the ride.

Since Al and Terry started their Pink Pedals 4 A Cure fundraising rides in 2016, the couple has traveled 16,600 miles and raised more than $43,000 for BCRF to fund 860 hours of research. By the end of this year’s trip, Al will have cycled the equivalent of a trip around the globe (18,000 miles), according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

An avid cyclist and outdoorsman Al, 64, was inspired to start cycling for BCRF after Terry underwent treatment for breast cancer 12 years ago.

Wanting to find a way to honor Terry’s strength, their love for each other, and their appreciation for research that made her treatments possible, Al set out to ride 517 miles from Minneapolis to Chicago on his first long-distance ride. Terry accompanied him by car to handle logistics, collect donations, and give him moral support.

“I can never begin to tell you how many people we’ve met along the way who have been affected by breast cancer. And these people are getting younger—more women in their 20s and 30s with young children who will need their mothers healthy and happy for years to come.” Terry said. “I tell everyone that early detection is key, and without all the research and discoveries made over the years, there would be no chance. Since there is no cure, funding research is vital.”

This year, the couple is thrilled to end their ride at home, where family, friends, and members of their community will be there at the finish.

“Our previous rides have always ended at BCRF’s headquarters in New York City,” Al said. “Over the years we’ve had so many family members and friends join us on the road or wanted to join us along the way. So, this year, we decided to celebrate the end of our ride near home with as many family members, friends, and supporters as possible.”

If all goes as planned, the couple will finish Mother’s Day weekend—making for especially fitting timing given Terry’s story and the urgency of BCRF’s mission.

“Ending on Mother’s Day weekend is so special to me,” Terry said. “I was faithful with my mammograms and caught my breast cancer early enough, so thanks to discoveries already made, I have been blessed with additional time with my husband, kids, and now five grandkids who brighten my days.”

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