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Pink Promises Shines Bright on Long Island

By BCRF | November 11, 2014

A sit-down with Founder Stephanie Ginsberg

Tomorrow, we'll be heading to Long Island for one of our signature events, Pink Promises. Here, we share the story behind the fundraiser and its founder, who has been a longtime supporter of BCRF.

In 2009, Stephanie Ginsberg and her sister, Betsy, attended BCRF’s October Symposium & Awards Luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria for the first time. Betsy had triple negative breast cancer, and the sisters wanted to educate themselves on the disease. They left not just informed but inspired by BCRF founder Evelyn Lauder and the foundation’s researchers—and wanting to do more.

Over the next year, Ginsberg and her family collaborated with BCRF to create a fundraiser in her community of Long Island to unite her friends and neighbors in the crusade against breast cancer.

“With the prevalence of breast cancer so strong on Long Island, it was critical we take an active role,” she said.

And so Pink Promises was born. What was originally intended as a one-time event is now in its fifth year, providing substantial support to BCRF and the breast cancer community. With Ginsberg at the helm, Pink Promises has cumulatively raised more than $3 million to fund 10 research projects to date. 

“Pink Promises has become a way to educate Long Islanders on BCRF’s mission and the importance of supporting research,” Ginsberg said. “Without research, there is no cure.”

Every year, Ginsberg returns to BCRF’s October Symposium & Awards Luncheon and leaves with an even greater desire to support BCRF. “It’s extremely rewarding to hear directly from the researchers or sit and talk to the grantees, like Dr. Lisa Carey who is funded by Pink Promises, and know that the work we’re supporting is bringing about real results and impacting the lives of many people. It’s impossible to witness 200+ of the world’s best and brightest researchers stand on the stage together and not leave more inspired to help.”