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The Power of Partnerships: Employees of The Estée Lauder Companies Making a Difference

By BCRF | October 30, 2017

Ray Mauro shares his story.

Over the last 25 years, The Estée Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Campaign (The Campaign) has raised $56 million dollars for breast cancer research. Evelyn Lauder founded The Campaign and co-created the pink ribbon in 1992, sparking a global movement to end breast cancer. Mrs. Lauder founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) the following year in 1993 and The Campaign has remained a critical partner since. Employees of The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) have played an integral role in The Campaign’s success in raising awareness and propelling research forward, faster.

We talked to several of the incredibly dedicated staff at The Estée Lauder Companies to learn what drives them, year after year, to support research.  

Ray Mauro is the Executive Director of Corporate Sales based out of Melville, Long Island, NY. Ray has worked at ELC for 38 years, 30 of which have been spent in Corporate Sales. He focuses on selling products through various avenues including the company warehouse.

How do you raise money for the BCA Campaign?

As a salesman, it’s natural that’s how I chose to raise money for the BCA Campaign. For years, I would create a small shopping bag of various beauty products like lipstick, mascare, eyeliner, and lip gloss and sell them at a discounted price. The sales of which would then be donated to the BCA Campaign.

We would set up signs and create an event out of the sales day. Each year it’s really a team effort with our staff, but it’s a very simple set-up with a table and a cash register. It’s nothing fancy but we’ve managed to raise thousands of dollars for research every year.

What inspires you to raise money for breast cancer research?

I’m inspired to raise money for research because I know how critical it is. I’ve personally seen what a difference the campaign has made over the last 25 years. Personally, I think if you are in a position to help, then it’s just the right thing to do.

While we’ve made great strides, I know that there is still much that needs to be done if we’re going to end breast cancer. For those looking to make a difference, the simplest advice I can give is: if you can help, then help. Don’t let obstacles get in your way and there are big and small things you can do. How I participate is so simple and it feels great to make a difference.