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On the Road to a Cure

By BCRF | November 18, 2014

Smart Circle International/RGS Labs drives home the importance of supporting research

In January 2013, Smart Circle International and RGS Labs began working together to create the FW1 Pink Promotion to raise money for BCRF. Smart Circle is the exclusive distributor of FW1 automobile waterless car wash and wax products through face-to-face marketing events at gas stations, car washes and other local businesses throughout the country. For every can sold, fifty cents is dedicated to BCRF. Since its culmination, the FW1 Pink Promotion has donated a cumulative $4 million to BCRF.

What inspired Smart Circle International and RGS Labs to choose breast cancer research as its cause of choice?

We chose breast cancer research as the cause for the FW1 Pink Promotion in an effort to give back to our consumers. So many men and women are affected by breast cancer; we felt it was a cause that would affect a high volume of our customers, employees and retail partners.

What drew you to partner with BCRF versus other breast cancer organizations?

BCRF’s financial efficiency and goal of a cure is what drew us to BCRF.

Do you meet many people affected by breast cancer during your promotions?

Over just the last year, we have met thousands of men and women who openly share their experiences with cancer. It is amazing to see both men and women share their personal stories of survival and how happy they are to see FW1 supporting this cause close to their hearts all year long.

Do you have any inspiring stories you can share of meeting those closely affected by breast cancer?

During a pilot program in California last June, we had a female customer approach our promotion in tears overwhelmed with enthusiasm regarding the FW1 Pink Promotion. She was impressed we had taken a product used by what many people assume to be men and partnered with an organization so dear to her heart. Her story really helped put the program into perspective!

What encourages Smart Circle and RGS year after year to continue its partnership with BCRF?

First and foremost, in partnering with BCRF, Smart Circle and RGS wanted to be socially responsible and good corporate citizens. Both Smart Circle and RGS believe that giving back and making our world stronger is not an option but a responsibility. 

Additionally, by partnering with BCRF, we hope to continue to attract and retain passionate, motivated sales team members. Most applicants and sales representatives are genuinely excited and motivated to be part of such a wonderful campaign. Similarly, so are retailers and convenience stores. 

As such, it is our hope that our continued partnership with BCRF allows us to continue to engage and secure high traffic, volume retailers and convenience stores to host our events.

Do you think the FW1 Pink Promotion is affected in any way by the predominately male culture of the auto industry? 

The FW1 Pink Promotion continues to push the envelope of social responsibility by bringing awareness of breast cancer to both men and women. While fuel stations and the automotive industries are predominately male, their consumers are a good mix. Our retail partners continue to be impressed with what the FW1 Pink Promotion has donated since the launch of the campaign on March 1, 2013.

Do you have any plans to expand your partnership offerings in the future?

Our program’s success is predicated on the real estate of our retail partners. The FW1 Pink Promotion will grow as we grow partnerships with various retail and convenient store companies.