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Sabika Jewelry Star Fundraiser Shares Her Story

By BCRF | April 20, 2017

Jami Conrad raised over $3,300 for BCRF

Eight years ago Jami Conrad’s family was hit with devastating news: her husband Kevin was diagnosed with cancer. While his cancer has relapsed on several occasions, Conrad is grateful he has been to work through his treatment while being a supportive husband and father to their five children.

“In our experience we have realized how very important research is in treating cancer,” Jami said. “There are treatment regimens that Kevin had in 2009 that aren’t used today because research has found better chemotherapy options with less side effects.”

Jami’s appreciation for cancer research has become an integral part of her work as a Consultant for Sabika Jewelry. As a new BCRF corporate partner in 2016, Sabika Pink Parties and the Sabika’s Pink Party jewelry collection raised over $132,000 for breast cancer research last fall. This outstanding donation amount is made possible by thoughtful Sabika consultants like Jami.

During the month of October, Jami was the company’s most successful fundraiser for BCRF. She hosted 12 pink parties and sold 49 pieces, donating over $3,300 to BCRF. She credits her success to her customers who are both moved by her story as well as personal connections they share to the cause.

“October is always my most important month. All my customers know this, not just because of my husband, but everyone has been touched in some way by breast cancer,” she said.

The products also speak for themselves.

“Sabika creates one of a kind, beautiful pieces that are highlighted in October and customers are extra motivated to purchase them,” she said.

While Jami has been recognized for her fundraising success, she says the real gift is the hope cancer research makes possible for families like hers.

“I honestly don’t need to see my name on a list of top fundraisers because I know in my heart that what I’m doing is making a difference,” she said.

“Hopefully someday soon we can raise money for something else because a cure will have been found.”