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Partner Since 2023

About the Program

BCRF has proudly partnered with AnaOno since 2023. In September 2023, AnaOno, with its partner Cancer Culture, will host (R)Evolution, a New York Fashion Week event, to benefit BCRF. (R)Evolution will feature patients who have experienced a breast cancer diagnosis and previvors, representing all stages of breast cancer and surgical outcomes. The models will take to the fashion show stage to raise funds for breast cancer research, raise awareness of the realities and impact of breast cancer, and highlight their resiliency in the face of a diagnosis. Throughout the year, AnaOno will also harness the power of its brand, customers, communities, and employees to support the brightest minds in science.

About AnaOno

Many things change after breast surgery. One you may not imagine is your underwear drawer. This is exactly how Founder and CEO, Dana Donofree, felt after her breast surgery. She scoured the globe just looking for a bra that fit but continued to show up braless.

That’s when she knew something had to change. Using her many years of fashion design experience, she (re)designed bras until creating one that fit her body that wasn’t only comfortable, but beautiful too.

AnaOno may have been born out of necessity, but today it gives us a reason to celebrate what makes us different.

It’s not just about your body – it’s about your story. Maybe you’re a breast cancer patient or survivor. Maybe you’re asymmetrical or have other needs for a bra to fit your chest. You could be tired of traditional underwire bras that cause unnecessary pain and discomfort. You may just want something that makes you look and feel good. No matter who you are, no matter your story, we believe you should have a bra that fits your unique shape. AnaOno. Designed differently. Because we are. And different is beautiful.

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