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Miena Robe with Drain Management Belt

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The Miena Robe with Drain Management Belt is the ultimate recovery lounge piece. The thoughtful design lets you wear this robe during treatment, recovery and well beyond. Be prepared for life’s ups and downs with this ultra-comfy robe! Versatile and highly adjustable, it’ll hug you tight when you need it most. Go on, breathe deep and enjoy the relaxing ride!

– Luxurious and functional

– Each feature was designed to help make life a little easier when dealing with unique medical needs

– Comes with a belt that allows you to easily tie this loose wrap robe

– Inner belt with two detachable pouches that can be used for post-mastectomy drain management

– Ultra-soft modal fabric

– A lightweight robe feels luxurious against healing skin and won’t irritate areas that are still sensitive

– Convenient front tie closure

– Wide armholes and a customizable wrap fit make this robe the ultimate for covering up at home, relaxing on the couch or getting ready for a day or night out

Donation $20,000 Regardless of Sales
Suggested Retail Price $79.00
Availability Available 10/13/23 at