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To celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in March 2021, Discord is hosting a number of events and fundraisers to support BCRF.

Discord is bringing together more than a dozen Discord communities and streaming channels, along with Ubisoft and the AC Sisterhood, to collectively raise $50,000 for lifesaving breast cancer research. Everyone from gamers to artists will be participaiting, and BCRF's own Margaret Flowers, PhD will host an AMA-style chat on Discord's biology-focused server. Discord will also match all gifts, up to $60,000.

Discord is a new way for people to talk with their communities and friends, used by hundreds of millions of people to talk regularly and enjoy genuine conversations. Discord gives peoplean invite-only space for their communities and friends, where they can hop between voice, video, and text, depending on how they want to talk, letting them have conversations in a very natural or authentic way. Today, there are millions of unique communities that use Discord for positive and meaningful interactions: schoolclubs, gaming groups, worldwide art communities, or just handfuls of friends that want to spend time together.


March 2021

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