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Positive Beverage


With a vision to change the world through healthy hydration, Positive Beverage is partnering with BCRF to contribute to the research and development of a cure for breast cancer. To champion the cause year-round, Positive Beverage has coined the phrase, October 365™, raising the importance of supporting breast cancer research at all moments of the year. To support BCRF, they have launched a special Pink Lemonade with 5-cents from each can sold benefitting BCRF all-year round!

Positive Beverage is on a mission to provide healthy hydration with simply better ingredients great for all ages - and have created a line of products that satisfy taste that you can be proud to put into your daily routine. Their clear vision was to do this at a price point accessible to all while operating transparently with real ingredients. And finally, they did this with a values-centric motivation - to enrich the lives of people, families and communities by playing a small role in the boardroom or the soccer field powering whatever big day people had in store. You can find Positive Beverage online at, Amazon, and your local grocery store. 


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