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BCRF is proud to partner with Vhernier. A maker of fine jewelry, Vhernier created a custom, limited-edition BCRF Calla Pink Ribbon Bracelet. Made of 18k rose gold and pink opal, Vhernier donates 30% of the purchase price for every bracelet sold. That means each bracelet funds four hours of research! Vhernier has committed to selling through the entire run of Calla Pink Ribbon bracelets to continue funding critical breast cancer research.

VHERNIER is an Italian jewelry brand that draws its inspiration from modern and contemporary art. The brand was founded in 1984 with the vocation to create jewels that are brave, new, and unusual. From the beginning it has committed to its passion for the exploration of form, matter and color, and based its research and identity on the finest characteristics stemming from the legacy of Italian art. VHERNIER’s creations have come to be recognized and appreciated for their use of bold volumes and color. Each piece is an entirely unique item, crafted by hand by highly skilled artisans in the workshops located in Valenza, in the province of Alessandria, Italy.

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