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Tarnish-Me-Not is the patented solution that preserves your jewelry from tarnishing and protects your skin from irritation. We’ve partnered with the BCRF to donate $1.00 for each unit sold – all year long.

CEO and Co-founder, Tatiana Tara Arslanouk was first introduced to the BCRF at the impressionable age of thirteen. While pregnant with Tatiana’s youngest sibling, her mother was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. In 2016, Tatiana faced similar adversity when her father was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Today, we are grateful to say that both of Tatiana’s parents are now cancer survivors – due to the innovation and diligence of cancer research. The experience of witnessing their battles played an essential role in Tatiana’s journey into entrepreneurship. As a young girl, she vowed to dedicate her prosperity toward helping others. Tarnish-Me-Not fulfills this promise through our partnership with the same organization that granted Tatiana’s mother with a second chance – The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We strive for our contribution to grant at least one child with the opportunity to witness their mother become a survivor.


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Available year-round

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